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Brett Riley

CEO & Founder

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Jenni Riley

Business Director
& Co-Founder

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Liam McCormick

CMO & Co-Founder

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Adrian Hichens

Services Team Lead

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Shayne Byron

Head of Finance

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Kelvin Githira

Head of Field Engineering

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What Our Clients Say

"Simply amazing! I can see us relying on ITARMI as part of our transformation."

Nick De Martino
S Three

"A perfect match. Love it! The contract we have only covers the device… we have to wait days for a resolution …this model would be brilliant."

Mike Walker

"Gave us true scale. We expanded our engineering services into 45 countries within two months resulting in us facilitating services for some of the biggest telco’s on the planet ."

Richard Thomas

"It's almost impossible to remember what it was like before we used ITARMI sometimes I'd have to wait days just to get a confirmation of an engineer on site in one of our European offices."

Jennie Rivera