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IT Engineers on demand

ITARMI connects businesses to IT engineers looking for great technical talent to fix, support or install

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World leading on-demand IT resources, right place, right time


Our very own vetted global engineer network means we'll find you the right engineer every time


Our rapid response technical team begin the resolution process from the moment you engage us


Our international network of highly skilled engineers gives us local presence on a global scale

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Surveys and Reports

Design & deploy LANs and WLANs for optimal performance, security & compliance. Wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and quality of service

Maintenance Services

Engineering services, logistics, spares, repairs, upgrades or installation of systems, components, peripheral equipment, networking or software

Technical Engineering

Deployment, support of data centre and client/end user technical engineering requirements. Same day, next business day or scheduled

On-Demand IMACD

We provide On-Demand Installs, Moves, Additions, Changes and Decomissions to businesses that require 2hr to next day engagements anywhere in the world

Perfect Choice

We are committed to quality

ITARMI's mission is to provide the highest quality of IT support services and projects directly to end customers and channel businesses in need of additional capacity and capability. ITARMI is an on-demand and direct IT staffing platform for businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily IT needs.

Engineers at heart

We are naturally focussed on looking after our most valuable assets, our engineers. We offer our engineers flexible working and opportunities to learn and develop their skillsets whilst having a huge knowledge base of highly experienced coworkers on tap.

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What customers say about us

Simply amazing!

"I can see us relying on ITARMI as part of our transformation."

Nick M
S Three

A perfect match. Love it!

"The contract we have only covers the device… we have to wait days for a resolution …this model would be brilliant."

Mike W

Gave us true scale

"We expanded our engineering services into 45 countries within two months resulting in us facilitating services for some of the biggest telco’s on the planet ."

Richard T