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Itarmi’s service is built on our mobile device app and an advanced software platform – which includes powerful project management capabilities, and access to our huge and diverse pack of IT professionals.

IT professionals can sign up to work through Itarmi easily, using the app. And our customers and partners can easily find the best people in the right locations to support their IT projects.

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Delivering the best service levels

You’ll gain access through Itarmi to a highly skilled workforce that’s passionate about providing the best possible service. Why? Well, for one thing, IT engineers prospects and skills development are dependent on your positive customer feedback.

But, more importantly, the Itarmi app offers engineers a fantastic worker experience. People can pick and choose who they work for, without being tied down to Itarmi. And the app doesn’t track their activities except when they’ve chosen to run it – they’re truly free agents.

Become part of the Itarmi movement – whether you’re a customer or partner that benefits from our workforce’s skills, or an IT engineer that’s able to harness the opportunities on offer.


Harness our ever-growing pack of IT professionals.


Work with people that are already located where you need them to be.


Meet your challenges head on with our flexible and agile service offering.


React to new opportunities quickly with onboarded, ready-to-go IT talent.

The Wolfpack™ mentality

Just as our logo is a digital depiction of a wolf, so Itarmi maintains the mindset of a digitally connected wolfpack.

Like wolves, we operate as a team and look out for one another. In particular, we take good care of our customers. So our success is utterly dependent on us being collaborative.

Just as wolves leave no more than their own footprints, Itarmi’s people are pre-located wherever you need them. Our operations are therefore far more sustainable than the traditional practice of flying IT professionals around the world. Moreover, our people know the best ways to get things done locally.

Our people are brave. That’s as true for all the IT freelancers who have taken on the risk of becoming self-employed – enabling such a flexible and agile service for our customers – as it is for our core employees who have made the Itarmi dream a reality.

And just like wolves, who are perfectly adapted to their environments and thrive no matter what, all Itarmi people are exceptional. We are entrepreneurs and excel at innovating new tech solutions.

Itarmi's inception

Itarmi was started by Jenni and Brett Riley in 2016. Brett was visiting a client in New York. A conversation with his yellow-cab driver got him thinking about how Uber had created its market there.

At that time, even before COVID hit, the world was already changing and moving towards the greater use of technology in accessing talent. It seemed like a great opportunity to start Itarmi. The subsequent onset of global lockdowns, while tragic, only served to strengthen the business case.

Profile image on Jenni Riley, co-founder and chief people officer at Itarmi

Jenni Riley

As co-founder and Chief People Officer, Jenni has always been deeply committed to creating an inclusive environment at ITARMI. Her dedication not only propels the company forward but also nurtures a workplace culture that prioritises both regulatory compliance and employee well-being. With extensive experience at board level, Jenni has played a pivotal role in navigating ITARMI's journey from inception to the recognised scale-up it is today, her leadership ensures that ITARMI meets its strategic goals, driving the company towards continued success.

Profile image of Brett Riley, co-founder of Itarmi with 23 years experience in global enterprise sales

Brett Riley

With 23 years of experience in global enterprise sales, Brett has successfully delivered professional and managed services to numerous prestigious organisations. His expertise in go-to-market strategies, operating models, and the challenges associated with global technology deployment underpins the founding concept of Itarmi. Currently, Brett is dedicated to expanding Itarmi’s revenue, culture, and strategic vision for the company.

Happy Itarmi staff member, talking about why they Itarmi

Why our staff love Itarmi

They talk about a dream job, Itarmi is it. Having had previous experience working for small businesses to large corporations and experiencing many different styles of management, it is refreshing and amazing to work for a company that has culture with care, balanced with good business practices. It's not often to see a business that genuinely values its employees as much as Itarmi does.

This has fostered a team spirit that is both empowering and supportive. This, coupled with top leadership has cultivated an environment where employees are not only passionate about their work but also feel genuinely appreciated and rewarded. The essence of Itarmi's approach lies in its understanding that key to any successful business is its people. Here, that principle is not just understood; it's actively practiced, making it a truly remarkable place.

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Happy Itarmi staff member, talking about why they Itarmi

Why our staff love Itarmi

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs' quote encapsulates the essence of what it means to lead in business through innovation. I feel ITARMI are leading with innovation by disrupting the norms of ICT managed services using technology, whilst empowering the vast pool of skills around the globe for the better of mankind.

Disrupting the norms of professional services for the better. There is a personal touch in everything we do, from understanding the challenges customers & partners are dealing with, the engagements with our engineers whom have taken risks in not engaging in full-time employment and the ease to which customer & partners can access talent on-demand.

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Happy Itarmi staff member, talking about why they Itarmi

Why our staff love Itarmi

I absolutely love working for Itarmi. I have never worked for a company that cares so much about the progression and wellbeing of every member of the team.  Having flexible working hours and working some days from home means that I can focus more on my job and give more time to the company because I am less stressed about the travel. Every member of the team is fabulous and willing to jump in and help whenever they are needed which means Itarmi is always performing at its best- team work makes the dream work! I feel privileged to work for a company that I know will be one of the biggest and best in the years to come!

My experience with Itarmi has been nothing short of transformative, both in my professional journey and personal growth.

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Happy Itarmi staff member, talking about why they Itarmi

Why our staff love Itarmi

One of the things I like most about working at Itarmi is the collaboration with a truly global workforce.The organisation also allows staff to easily take on additional roles, to contribute in different areas and have their opinions heard. Subsequent ideas and initiatives are actioned upon immediately and often find their way being implemented before too long.

This, in addition to high levels of trust and flexibility makes Itarmi a great place to work!In October 2022, I joined Itarmi with some uncertainty about remote work. However, the management team and my colleagues at Itarmi have proven to be genuinely concerned about the well-being of everyone. I see our team as a well-coordinated unit, where everyone contributes their expertise, working diligently to support one another.

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Itarmi's history


NYC, ITARMI’s Business model and idea came to life

New York taxis

ITARMI officially started trading in the UK with the goal to connect engineers though our technology to great brands and companies around the world.

Wifi survey image

Build commenced on V1 of the ITARMI platform producing our first MVP.

Images of the Itarmi mobile app on a mobile phone

100 countries with over 1000 engineers – Covid hits and accelerates the belief in the business and operation model

network spanning across the globe

ITARMI Closed its 1st round of investment £2.5 million invested

Brett giving a talk about Itarmi

Completed V2 of the platform – went live in September of 2023

Screenshot of the Itarmi app on Google Play Store

April of 2024 Website Launch and SaaS platform Launch

Mock up of Itarmi website on a laptop screen